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August 09 2016

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Women of Amphissa - L. Alma-Tadema, 1887

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July 15 2016

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July 12 2016

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Roger Giroux, “Theater” 


my talents include avoiding difficult conversations and getting really sad over things i saw coming

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July 01 2016


do you ever just realize that you’re not a good person

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setting sun by egon schiele, 1913
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night writing

braille reads: this doesn’t compare to the feel of your skin

©  Natt Różańska 

grafika art and tumblr
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Annie Karakaian

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Mark Rothko, untitled, 1969
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June 20 2016

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May 30 2016

Because there was a hunger in me to see everything and do everything. I wanted to be everyone I saw. I wasn’t enough for me. Can you understand that?
— Sidney Sheldon, Bloodline
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grafika amazing, pretty, and art
This is my favourite sculpture.
Dafne is changing into three while she's escaping form Apollo.
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I have sea foam in my veins, I understand the language of waves.
— Jean Cocteau
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Nick Cave & Susie Bick by Dominique Issermann

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May 07 2016

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Thilo Heinzmann

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